What is the training?

LGBTQ+ cultural competency is what our training is all about! We ask the questions most people are too shy to ask, and offer both thoughtful and practical answers to make your organization a safer space for clients and staff.


Training is tailored to your organization’s needs. We can provide a half day (minimum 3.5 hours including 10-minute break) to full day training session. Each session includes practical scenarios tailored to address your specific concerns and experiences.

Audience size?

A minimum of 15 attendees is required for each training session. (Your organization will be invoiced for a minimum of 15 participants per training session.)

Cost for ½ Day (3.5 hour) Training Session?

$20-$50 per participant (minimum 15), based on your organization’s annual budget. For organizations who wish to train a large staff, a 50% discount is provided for each participant after the first 100.

To find out more, or to book training please contact our Diversity Training Manager at [email protected]

If you aren’t contacted within 48 hrs please call us at (519) 946-4740.

Our training goals include an increased understanding of:

The definitions of and differentiation between biological sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression

Terminology and respectful language in reference to the LGBTQ+ community towards developing more effective communication when working with LGBTQ+ clients and coworkers

Issues faced by LGBTQ+ persons, and how these experiences may shape attitudes towards service providers

The connection between human rights and LGBTQ+ identity, and an awareness of provincial legal protections

How to develop allyship towards creating an inclusive workspace for LGBTQ+ employees.