Counselling Supports
provided by Family Services Windsor-Essex (FSWE)

LGBTIQ counselling services now available through a partnership between

DiverseCITY and Family Services Windsor-Essex. LGBTIQ Counseling services are by appointment only on a part-time basis for youth, caregivers, educators, etc.

The counselors have specific training in relations to the unique needs of the LGBTIQ community.

Counselors are at the DiverseCITY on Tuesday and Thursdays from 2:00PM to 5:00PM.

To book a counselling appointment please email , call our office at (519) 973-4656 or pop by our office at 111 Wyandotte Street West

All counselling appointments are confidential.

Diversity Training

The Diversity Training team provides a workshop administered by members of the DiverseCITY training team and can be tailored to your organization or business’ needs. We provide this workshop for management, board members, frontline staff, and volunteers serving the LGBTIQ community. Awareness is created for LGBTIQ needs and issues. LGBTIQ history and oppression are explored in depth to gain a better understanding of the harm LGBTIQ stereotypes cause within and around our community. Practical approaches and strategies are planned to make agencies, businesses and staff services more LGBTIQ friendly and inclusive.

For more information on how to book a Diversity Training Workshop please contact: Crystal Fach at or by calling our office at 519-973-4656.

Proud Potluck:
hosted by the 50+ Proud Group

The 50+ Proud group hosts a potluck dinner in partnership with W.E. Trans Support at various locations throughout the year. All ages are welcome to this event, bring a dish to share and enjoy each other’s company. Call for date details as they are not monthly. Call 519-973-4656.

Speakers Bureau:

The speakers bureau is a topic specific series of workshops that can do more in depth training on a variety of topics. LGBTIQ community members are more than their gender identity and sexual orientation. We need organizations and businesses to practice from anti-oppressive lens and education their staff and volunteers on the intersectional identities of the LGBTIQ community.

Some of the topics the speakers bureau cover are: intersectionality, feminism, anti-oppressive practice, gender-based violence in rainbow communities, poverty, youth homelessness, LGBTQ 101 and healthy relationships.

If you are interested in booking a presentation through our speaker’s bureau please contact Crystal Fach ator by calling 519-973-4656.


This is a summer program that runs twice a week designed for high school students in GSA’s (Gender and Sexuality Alliances) to get together and gain support for the school year. Students develop leadership, mentorship, communication, marketing skills, LGBTIQ history, self-care and skills to provide inclusive spaces. They learn to collaborate with local community resources and learn the comprehensive social and political history of the LGBTIQ community.

For more information on how to join please email or call the centre at 519-973-4656.


This is a program that will run monthly to bring local GSA students together to brainstorm, connect, gain education and develop a network to grow their GSA presence at their school. SchoolsOUT2! will meet once a month on the 1st Thursday of the month. This is a program that grows and changes with the needs of our local GSA’s and their members. We will provide information on topics such as LGBTQ inclusion, creating safer spaces, advocacy 101, intersectionality, feminism and gender diversity. This program will be in partnership with W.E. Trans Support.

For more information please email

Diversity Ambassador Group:

This is a program that runs September to June once a week to help folks between the ages of 14-24 get the skills and knowledge they need to become diversity ambassadors in their schools, workplaces and communities.

Participants with learn about a variety of identities that are often marginalized and oppressed. We will unpack racism, heteronormativity, cisnormativity, ableism, sexism, and ethnocentric ways of thinking.

DiverseCITY would help Diversity Ambassadors development meaningful and education-based campaigns to bring awareness to the oppression happening in and around our communities.

This is a partnership between DiverseCITY and W.E. Trans Support.

For further information please contact Crystal Fach at

The “F” Word – Don’t Worry It’s Just Feminism:

This is a collective of individuals who identify as feminists and want to create more inclusive spaces for all folks who believe in the feminist movement. The “F” Word meets once per month to discuss the impacts of patriarchy, misogyny and transmisogyny in our community and society at large. The “F” Word hopes to grow into a platform to raise the voices of those most impacted by patriarchy. Are you interested in sharing your experience, raising your voice and empowering all feminist identified folks; get in touch with us at or by calling 519-973-4656.

This is a partnership collective between DiverseCITY and W.E. Trans Support.

Bisexuality/Pansexuality Community Group

Do you identify as bisexual and/or pansexual? Are you experiencing or feeling erased from the larger community? Do want a chance to meet other bi/pan folks who want to change the dialogue around bi and pan identities? Let get together and chat. Bisexuality/Pansexuality Community Group meets bi-monthly on Mondays from 6:30-8:00PM at W.E. Trans Support (111 Wyandotte Street West).  For more information please call us at 519-973-4656 or visit our calendar page.

This is a partnership group between DiverseCity and W.E. Trans Support.